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...farming roots that run quite deep in York County.

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Harry C. Dehoff, owner of Red Barn Farm Market at Harry C. Dehoff Farms, has farming roots running quite deep in York County. His great-grandparents raised Hereford cattle on their farm in New Park. Young Harry even had vegetable stand as a child, sharing that this is where his love for agriculture began.

Harry reflects, “I went on to take agriculture classes at Kennard-Dale High and worked on various farms throughout the years to broaden my farming experience and knowledge. I bought my first farm in Fawn Grove in 2005, and my second in 2008, and our final in 2010 (where we now live). We restored the property’s original 1908 farmhouse and are proud to be the first non-family member to own the property. The farm was bestowed as a Century Farm in 1944.”

Harry credits his late father, Harry E. Dehoff, ¬†for instilling his drive and determination to begin his own cattle operation. “This was a lifetime dream of my dad’s; he loved selling quarters and halves of beef to local people in the community. He took a lot of pride in that, and I hope that I am now doing him proud by taking my agriculture ventures to the next level with the farm market and other future plans we are working on.”

He describes his business as a field-to-fork family farm offering their own pasture-raised fresh and frozen Black Angus beef, pork, chicken and seafood. They also carry seasonal and locally-sourced gift items including handmade goat milk soaps, straw, flowers, pumpkins, fruits, vegetables, wreaths, coffee, honey, dairy products, handmade artisanal goods, home decor, and candles.

Harry’s Philosophy is to maintain old school values and morals while working hard and providing a good product.

“We shoot for quality, not quantity. We like to take it back to our roots and bring healthy products and a slower pace in this fast-paced world. We can see how much it is needed in our community when they come visit the farm market. The simplicity of watching the chickens and baby animals on the farm is soothing to the soul.