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Past Events at the Farm:

Farmhouse Sign Painting Workshop & Farm-Fresh Dinner

Red Barn Farm Market & Make a Masterpiece are excited to team up and offer a Farmhouse Sign Painting Workshop & Farm-Fresh Dinner. Customize your own sign ($10 design fee) or choose from the wood sign design albums below. Porch leaners, family & farm signs designed to perfectly compliment your homes.

Highland Cow Paint Party on the Farm

Come join us in painting this adorable highlander (pre-drawn) cow. You can choose any color flower you want for its accessory!
Outside food and drink is allowed. There will also be pit beef sandwiches and drinks available for purchase as well.
We will be painting promptly at 6:00, so allow some time beforehand to get settled in and try out an awesome pit beef sandwich!!!

Dessert Charcuterie Evening on the Farm

We our partnering with our local charcuterie store vendor, AMAZING GRAZIN, who will teach you how to EASILY wood 🔥 burn a charcuterie board using a SIMPLE pyrography technique. ANYONE can do this, as we use the magic of stencils!! ✨
Then, you learn some basic charcuterie techniques on your board, as we learn to create beautiful food art with meats, cheeses, fruits and other yummy extras!!

Farm Animal Easter Minis

Message Britni Ayres Photography, LLC or comment on her original post to book!
• 15-minute sessions
• 5+ images
• $75
• The animal used is subject to change. The plan is to use a mini cow, but today he didn’t want to hangout much so we swopped. Animal could be a goat, calf, mini cow or a big ol fluffy polar bear doggie. 😁 Background will also be different.

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